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Project Description
Ever found it challenging to uninstall a schema or an orchestration? This tool was designed to find all referencing assemblies and related BizTalk artifacts such as Ports, Locations and Orchestrations.

Using the tool:
By selecting one assembly, the tool marks all assemblies referencing the one you selected. The tool will also find all ports used by the selected assembly, or any of its referencing assemblies.

Before you choose to undeploy, you'll be given a list of all assemblies and BizTalk artifacts related to those assemblies. You are given an option to leave the ports, in which case the ports will be reconfigured to use passthrough pipelines and no in- or outbound transformations.

If you are working with a big solution, with assemblies deployed to many application, you can save this uninstall configuration for later use. This way you don't have to reselect the assemblies the next time you need to undeploy. Just click the load button, and point to the configuration file.

If you are updating the assembly version each time you deploy, this tool might come in handy to undeploy all those unused assemblies. You can do this by clicking the "Unused" button. You should be careful though, and examine the result carefully.

If you choose not to run the application on the server, make sure the assemblies you're about to uninstall are deployed to the computer from which you're running the application. This is because the application needs to access the assemblies to get its dependencies.

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